The SIIEAU aims to integrate water related data and information on water resources in TOGO and their uses. It contributes at national and regional level to the system of coordination and monitoring of water resources. It mobilizes the actors, standardizes and encourages the sharing of information. For a better understanding of issues related to the water sector, the SIIEAU supports the implementation of fair and effective water management programs, while ensuring the sustainability of its use.

This website is the portal for the management and the dissemination of water related data, fed by the national stakeholders. It is administered by the SIIEAU team of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Hydraulic in Lomé.


The SIIEAU integrates the measurement data, indicators and observations collected by the SIIEAU stakeholders. The observations data portal portal is only reserved to authorized users of this site. For further informations, please contact the administrator.

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Thematic maps on Togo water resources are made available to the general public. The datasets are collected from the stakeholders and updated by the SIIEAU team. Geographic layers used can also be downloaded from the SIIEAU metadata database.

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The SIIEAU disseminates metadata datasets. They describe the data managed by the SIIEAU stakeholders. They can be associated with geographic layers, documents or reports related to water resources, pressures and water uses.

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 SIIEAU references

The SIIEAU maintains a set of references data which help integration of all data in one database. This repository consists of a common vocabulary and data references: variables, methods, sites and organizations.

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